Bearly is a short animated film that is also the first production from the SCAD Animation Studios. The film is about a bear who wants to stay awake during hibernation to see what winter is, to learn about what he misses when he goes to sleep. 

I started work on Bearly as a Producer during Pre-Production with the plan to also be the Lighting Lead once we got into Production and Post-Production. We wanted to do something different and decided to use Katana for our lighting software, with Arnold has our renderer. After lighting was finished, I got to take over as Compositing Lead as well and composited almost half the film using Nuke as our software.



Working in Katana was very challenging, yet rewarding. At SCAD, we 

didn't have many, if at all any, students or professors who were familiar

with lighting in Katana. Most of my Pre-Production and Production time 

was spent learning the ins and outs of Katana, with Arnold as the renderer.

The amount of resources available to me to help me teach myself were 

minimal, and a lot of time was spent trying things until something worked. It was definitely a rewarding process! During Production, we added on a couple more lighters who I had the joy of teaching Katana to, and watching flourish. I was also responsible for creating the master file in Katana for my lighters to use. 

Here is a video that I created that was featured at the SCAD Animation Fest that talks about the lighting!


I was also responsible for the compositing on Bearly, and we did our compositing in Nuke. Nuke was a very helpful tool that we used to combine all the different render passes, make adjustments and add in any 2D effects. 

The following video was also featured in the SCAD Animation Fest and talks about our Compositing process.

The following shots were both lit and composited by me for the film!