For Luna

For Luna is a short film created by a team of seven animators. The film is about cats and touches on the theme of death and loss. When one of the cats dies due to illness, the other cat has to learn how to handle being alone, until an unexpected addition is added.

My responsibilities on the film included animation, lighting and transferring all assets from Maya to Houdini. Using models and textures created by other members of the team, I took these assets and set up everything in Houdini to make the film as visually appealing as possible. 

This film was very challenging from the get go. Most of us had little to no experience animating quadrupeds, and a lot of time was spent during pre-production researching and learning how cats moved and communicated with one another. We also had to be realistic about our expectations of the film, and making the hard decision to cut the film in have to favor quality over quantity. 



I was also responsible for all the lighting on the film, which was a total of 17 shots. All lighting was done in Houdini and then color corrected after. The film starts out during day time, transitions to sunset (orange), night, sunrise (pinkish/purple) and back to daytime. It was a lot of fun to play with the different times of day. All lighting is a work in progress.

Final Film