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SCAD Animation Blog Headers

During my last year at SCAD, I got the opportunity to work for the Chair and Co-Chairs of the Animation Department as a student aide. One of my responsibilities was to manage the social media for the department, which included Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weekly Email Blasts and the SCAD Animation Blog. These medias all had one thing in common- headers. I came up with the idea to create headers for each month of the school year, from September to May, based on an art exhibit we had on the first floor of Montgomery Hall. The art exhibit was a group of old fashion TVs with past animated film created by students playing on them. With the help of another student aide, Missy Griffis, we modeled the TVs in Maya and created the textures for the TVs, and then each month we changed the theme! I also had help from another student aide, Andrew McKinney who helped with some of the textures and backgrounds. I then took these models and at first lit them using Houdini, but then switched over to Katana once I started learning how to use it! They were all lit with Arnold. 


September - This is the original concept we used for the month of September, to set the theme for the rest of the year. Maya and Houdini.


October - The October one ended up being one of my favorites that we did throughout the year. Maya and Houdini.


November - This was what we ended up doing for the November header! Maya and Houdini.

January - Maya and Katana.

March - Maya and Katana.

December - This was the first one that was done in Katana! 


February - Olaf and his warm heads were a ice addition for February! Maya and Katana.

April - This is another one of my favorites that we did! Maya and Katana.

May - This was probably the hardest one we did! Because this quarter was online due to COVID, graduation got moved to online. I decided to reach out to all the senior films to see if they would like to have a character from their film featured in the header. Most of the 3D characters were rendered, and then the 2D characters were added in with Photoshop. 

Monkey Thief

I also got to work on a short film called "Monkey Thief," which is about Myles, a shy boy who musters the courage to face his bully, Dolores, and rescue his favorite toy from her. The ensuing battle ends prematurely as Myles makes a life-changing discovery. "Monkey Thief" was created, directed and produced by Zachary Ates, and I was lucky enough to get to light a couple of shots for this awesome film!

Monkey Thief Trailer

Product Lighting